My Gym Trainer – CONTEST!

While I wait for some administrative things to go through, I wanted to gift you something that I found really helpful when I first received it.

Over 2 years ago, Ms. Carla Birnberg a.k.a. MizFit, partnered with My Trainer Fitness to unleash these brilliant 100-calorie pack workouts. Basically, they are very short workout books you can do ANYWHERE (at home, at work, in an airport, on the freeway stuck in traffic – okay, not too sure about that last one, but I digress).

my gym trainer

my gym trainer2

The books consists of cardio and strength training exercises that use very little equipment, if at all. There are great photos that show you how to do the exercises, in addition to some recommended stretching.

I have one of these lovely gifts to give away. All you need to do in order to win is post a comment below telling me how and where you’d use this spectacular little thing. I will randomly choose a winner on Friday.

Now, go!

This contest has been extended to 10/11/2013!


6 thoughts on “My Gym Trainer – CONTEST!

  1. Nicole says:

    Neat! I would love to tuck these away in the car – get in a workout while my girls are either at soccer practice and I cannot leave due to time constraints! I usually just end up doing a short run or lunges. I can never think out of the box!


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