July Stats

July was another blah kind of month. I didn’t workout much the last 2 weeks because my shoulder and then my right knee was bothering me. I find that the summer is the hardest time for me to stay motivated. It’s just so hot and humid and I don’t want to do anything. LOL! But still, I didn’t do terrible.

July 1, 2013 August 1, 2013 Difference
Left arm: 12.50 12.50 0.00
Right arm: 12.50 12.25 -0.25
Chest: 36.00 35.00 -1.00
Waist: 37.00 36.50 -0.50
Hips: 41.00 40.00 -1.00
Left thigh: 24.00 23.50 -0.50
Right thigh 24.75 24.00 -0.75
Total inches lost this month:  -4.00
Total weight lost this month: 166.6 161.0 -5.60

Even though I wasn’t my best, I still lost 5.6 pounds and 4 inches overall. I am almost in 150s. Now some of you are probably asking how far down I want to go. Well, to be honest, I don’t have a real number yet. I was 150 pounds most of my young adult life, so I am aiming for that first. Once I get there, I will evaluate my body and see where I want to go. Admittedly, I have more muscle now so the numbers are going to get less and less important; while my body composition becomes more of a focus. I can see that I still have a lot of body fat. According to the calipers I just bought, I am at 27.8%, which is higher than recommended, but still within the realm”not too bad”. Looking at all the jiggle on my body, it’s not great. I need more muscle mass, less fat. That’s becoming so much more obvious every day.

Anyway, August is gonna be pretty tough. I have the Tobay Triathlon on the 24th, so I will be focusing my training on that. Swim, Bike, Run, repeat.

So tell me, how did July go for you?


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