June Stats

June was a kind of an “eh” month. I injured myself playing baseball and had to sit out my workouts for over a week. Then I never really did my HIIT workouts in between running and teaching my Step Class, which means I didn’t work out as much as I should have. I think I just kind of got bored with my routine added to the heat and humidity of June. But July is a new month.

Let’s just make for better success in the next 31 days!

June 1, 2013 July 1, 2013 Difference
Left arm: 12.50 12.50 0.00
Right arm: 12.75 12.50 -0.25
Chest: 36.00 36.00 0.00
Waist: 38.50 37.00 -1.50
Hips: 40.75 41.00 0.25
Left thigh: 24.00 24.00 0.00
Right thigh 25.00 24.75 -0.25
Total inches lost this month:  -1.75
Total weight lost this month: 168.20 166.6 -1.60

As you can see, I lost less than 2 inches in June, as opposed to over 7 inches in May. And my weight loss was also minimal at less than 2 pounds.  But I know where I went wrong, so that’s okay. I know that I can do better.

My goal for June was to run 50 miles, but with the injury to my left quad, that did not happen. I only reached 32.6 miles. A little disappointing, but I know it wasn’t my fault. I had to rest that leg up for over a week and missed 4 runs.

What’s cool is I ended the month with the Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race, which  I will be writing a recap on later. So June wasn’t a total bust.  🙂 I am not perfect and cannot expect myself to put out high digit weight loss every month. That’s not realistic and I refuse to get down about it.

July is gonna be awesome though. It’s time to mix up my workouts and go a little harder!!!

So tell me, how did June go for you?


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