Is Obesity Really a Disease?

This morning I saw the above tweet from my friends at Baobab Wellness applauding the fact that the American Medical Association voted for calling obesity a disease. You can read the story by CBS here: AMA votes that obesity is a disease.

Now, I while I understand why the AMA would do so, as far as allowing doctors to discuss obesity with their patients and provide for more “treatments”, yet I also feel that there is a negative aspect to this.

What excuses have we all heard (or even used ourselves) for not losing weight?

“I don’t have the time.”

“I have thyroid problems.”

“I can’t afford to go to the gym.”

“The gym is too far.”

“I don’t know how to lose weight.”

“Healthy food is too expensive.”

“I don’t want to exclude my favorite foods.”

“I’m too embarrassed.”

I think that what the AMA is doing is simply going to provide them with another excuse for not losing weight.

“I have a disease. “

Is this really a positive change?

And you know what happens as soon as a condition is determined to be a disease…medication is created to “help” solve the problem. Am I the only one who thinks the only way to not be obese is to eat right and exercise (there are exceptions, I know)? As a former obese woman, I considered all the other current options – pills (Alli) and surgery – but decided that working out and changing the way I ate was the way to go because it is something that I can control and maintain.

Doctors can talk all they want. They can show you the statistics, explain the effects on your body, and even estimate when you will die based on your body fat %; but unless that person makes the conscious decision to change, it is all for naught.

So, am I wrong in thinking that making obesity a “disease” will do more harm than good? You tell me.


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