My Baseball Beginnings

By now you all know that I love nearly anything that requires me to be active. My favorite sport is baseball. I am a HUGE Yankees fan and have been for 18 years.

Then it should be no surprise that when I found the New York Women’s Baseball Association in NYC, I jumped on the opportunity to try my hand at the sport, even though the only time I played was in Junior High School. I was so excited that I bought all the gear:

  • Baseball pants
  • Rawlings glove
  • Adidas batting gloves
  • Louisville Slugger wood bat
  • Easton Hammer aluminum bat (borrowed)
  • Under Armour cleats
  • Easton bat bag

My Baseball Gear,  the only thing I am missing is a helmet!

On Sunday I trekked all the way uptown to Field 6 in Central Park. When I arrived, there were a handful of young ladies already on the field, tossing the ball around. I was excited.  I could feel that this was going to be a fun, yet challenging experience.

I made sure that Susan, the team leader, knew that I was totally inexperienced in playing baseball, even though I had been watching for 18 years. So she had me start throwing the ball, just to see what I could do. Yeah, I needed a lot of work. I had to learn how to throw the ball, pivot my hips, and place my feet. Who knew throwing a baseball was so complicated…

Then there was field work. Let me tell you, when you are on the baseball field, you spend most of your time in a squat position, waiting for the ball to come to you, or chasing the ball. I ain’t gonna lie – my quads were in all sorts of pain the next day.

Afterward came hitting. Now, I am comfortable hitting the ball from both sides of the plate, which makes me a switch hitter. I started with a few swings and after a couple of corrections (elbows up, hips out, transfer power to back leg), I was hitting that ball all over the field. Susan even said that I had a great swing. Yay me!

Overall, it was a fun way to spend 2 hours – even though it was incredibly hot. I wore my baseball pants, which I will not do again. They didn’t allow for me to breathe and I was dying. Next week, I’ll be wearing capris.

So tell me, are there any sports you love, but have not tried? What’s holding you back?


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