The Un-Comfort Zone


My name is Irene and I’m a little cuckoo.

Why do I say that?

Well, because I’ll try almost anything twice.

Yes, I said twice.

Cause, you know, sometimes things go wrong the first time, so I give everything a second chance to impress me before I make my final determination.

So far this year I’ve tried Zumba (did not like) and CrossFit (love).

I’m still planning on trying rock climbing, white water rafting, and golf. Why? Because they exist.

I have no intention of living a mundane life, full of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. That’s why I started this healthy living journey – to be able to take part in everything life has to offer. There is no way I could have completed 2 half-marathon and 3 triathlons just by sitting ont he couch watching TV 5 hours a day and drinking Coca Cola and staying at my previously obese 232 pounds. What kind of role model would I have been?

These days I spend a lot of time planning more ways to jump out of my comfort zone. I love stepping out of my little safe life.

That’s why I want to go skydiving.

Yes, I said it.


Yes. I understand that involves getting into a tiny plane (I am terrified of flying) and jump out of it at 10,000 feet in the air (I am even more afraid of heights). I don’t enjoy the idea of watching the ground creep closer and closer to me at 90MPH and the fear that my parachute won’t open. And then the realization that my backup chute has a hole in it. Oh no, that’s not what makes me want to do it.

What makes me want to leap out of a plane with just a piece of cloth keeping me from plummeting to my death is just the mere fact that I am scared of it. That and I’ve seen videos on YouTube of people doing it and the view is incredibly beautiful.

How amazing would it be to face my fears head on like that? What kind of power would that instill in me?

Am I gonna do it?

I still don’t know. I think before I can commit to it, I have to be 100% accepting of the fact that it could be the very last thing I do in life. Come on, let’s be honest, even though it would be awesome there is still a small risk of , you know, DEATH. So yeah, I need to be okay with that before I can do it. And since I have a young child, that risk is kinda hard to accept right now.

But at least I am considering it. I mean, “Obese Irene” would never even think about doing such a thing. “Healthy Irene”, however, is a bold bitch and is living on the edge…well, sort of. I am trying my best to live outside my comfort zone. Ha! Who knew getting fit would change so much about me internally? Man, I wish I had done this 20 years ago.

What is one thing you are considering doing as a healthier version of you that you’d never think of as the less healthy version?


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