Beware the Crap

I just finished another run and came across a quandary. One so serious and disturbing I decided to make it the very first post of this new blog. Yeah, that’s how buggered I am.

I ran 3 hard miles. It was a struggle, because I felt sluggish and I hadn’t properly fueled my body for this run. Yet, I worked it out and finished it hard. I cooled down and stretched like a Bawse.

But on the way home, I got incredibly thirsty and needed some lunch so I tried to find something healthy for consumption. That wasn’t so easy.

Ridgewood, we gotta talk. There are a lot of health conscious people in this neighborhood. No, I’m not talking about all the smokers who brave the cold to stand in the doorway of wherever they live in order to get a puff from their cancer sticks.

I’m talking about all the people who attend the gyms, do yoga in the parks, and run through the streets. Yeah, those people. So how is it I had to pass all of these unhealthy, fat and carb ridden eateries on the way home from working out?

This is just more of the same – Americans living with crap, making crap, and accepting crap as a part of our lives. We have got to do better.

Thank God for Energy Fuel! It’s a healthy food cafe located adjacent to Olympia gym on Fresh Pond Road. It’s where I procured a strawberry-banana juice and a chicken tortilla soup. Ah, real food!

Now if I could just find a way to avoid the smoke plumes.


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